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Botswana Institute of Health Sciences / African Palliative Care Association

The Institute of Health Sciences in Gaborone is partnering with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) to strengthen its capacity to provide quality palliative care education and training for pre-service and post-basic students.

Partners focus on faculty development in topics related to palliative care and are also working to introduce palliative care into the Institute’s existing pharmacy technology, health education, and dental therapy programs.

Other activities focus on organizational development for planning, research, and monitoring and evaluation. Following targeted sensitization activities for IHS faculty, staff, and community stakeholders to introduce the concept, partners successfully incorporated palliative care into teaching programs and curricula at the main campus, all seven IHS Health Teaching Institutes, and with community-based hospices and hospitals.

They established a palliative care resource center in the library at IHS-Gaborone, which features laptops, journals, and palliative care reference books.

Partners also trained new and existing lecturers, strengthening their capacity to teach the palliative care modules that have been integrated into the curricula.

In addition, IHS students now complete week-long rotations in hospices to gain hands-on experience in providing palliative care services to their patients.

Updated August 16, 2012